General information about the DVMD – the German Association for Professionals in the Field of Medical Documentation (Health Information Management, HIM)

The German association for Health Information Managers was founded in 1972 by the first accredited HIM Specialists in Medical Documentation. The professional scope has amplified ever since, with the professions of “Assistant for Health Information Management” (2-years-training) and “Graduated HIM specialist” (4-years university-education) joining the occupational field.

Over the past years, the association has opened up also for other employees in the HIM profession. Especially career changers from within the healthcare profession are encouraged to strengthen the DVMD as a representation for their professional interests through their membership.

The DVMD – a compass in knowledge networks
It is our goal to create transparency within the field of medical documentation (health information management), to provide orientation and to offer a forum for our members.

Continuing education and specialist training of our members rank among our most important concerns. We offer own training sessions and provide support with the choice of suitable educational offerings from other providers.

We encourage you to get to know the multi-faceted tasks within the field of medical documentation (health information management) and its most important occupational fields:

For several decades we have been contributing our expertise and skills to the advantage of medical documentation (health information management) in clinical research and patient care. The individual person themselves and the support of those who are committed to the preservation and recovery of their health have always been at the center of our professional self-conception.

Join us on the way to our common goals !